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Court orders removal of digital billboards in Los Angeles

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California's 2nd District Court of Appeal has ordered the removal of more than 100 digital billboards in Los Angeles owned by Clear Channel and CBS.  The Court said the City Council never should have allowed the billboard companies to convert static billboards to digital when existing laws prohibited such changes.  "We do not see how the language could be plainer," the ruling states.

digital billboard in Westwood, Los AngelesA Court has ordered L.A's digital billboards must be removed.

Download a PDF version of the Court's ruling here.

Whether the billboards go dark any time soon remains to be seen.  The billboard companies could still appeal the decision to the California Supreme Court. 

In the meantime the ruling represents a huge victory for the citizens and neighborhood groups who have contended for years that bright, blinking digital billboards adversely impact the quality of life in their city.  Many Los Angelenos have found themselves with the unwanted glow of digital billboards spilling into their homes and businesses.  With any luck, this ruling means they won't have to put up with it much longer.



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